For the month of October, I will be talking about different aspects of Halloween each week.  So, for the first week.  I want to talk about fear.

There are a few main words we use to talk about fear, but their uses are a little different, so be careful.

The most basic is “afraid”.

I’m afraid of snakes.


What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of English?

Next is “fear”.

I have a fear of heights.


I have a fear of small spaces.


and finally, “scared, scary”.

I am scared of the dark.


I am not scared by your tactics.

I’m sorry, did I scare you?

I don’t scare easily.

or as an adjective,

Trump is soooo scary!


That’s really a scary house.


I love a good scary movie.

I personally love scary stories, movies, etc.   I love Halloween, how can I not, it’s my wedding anniversary.

Here is a picture of my new Halloween decoration idea.  What do you think?

Next week, phobias, rational or irrational fear.