Emotions Part 1: Anger

I want to start a series about emotions for the next few weeks, (until Christmas?), I will give some simple phrases for talking about different emotions.  Today is anger.


10 phrases about anger.

  1. I’m sorry I’m too angry to talk right now, give me a minute.
  2. You make me so angry
  3. I’m at my breaking point!
  4. Give her some room, she’s really pissed right now.
  5. Watch out, he’s going to blow his top.
  6. I’m furious about President Trump’s tweet last night!
  7. My wife really hit the ceiling last night when I came home drunk.
  8. Rude drivers really make my blood boil, I have to be careful I don’t get road rage.
  9. Sooorry!  I guess you got up on the wrong side of the bed today!
  10. What’s wrong with our teacher today?  I was just a little late and he really bit my head off!

Here’s a great 10 minute youtube video about anger if you want to do more study.

Today’s BGM:

I’m Not Angry, Elvis Costello