Emotions Part 5: Surprise

As a child, the greatest part of Christmas is the surprise that comes on Christmas morning when children wake up and look at the presents from Santa.


Today, I’ll give you 10 phrases to talk about surprise.

  1. I’m so surprised!  I never expected this.
  2. I’m nicely surprised.
  3. Wow!  You knocked my socks off!
  4. I can’t believe my eyes!
  5. OMG!  (Oh My God)
  6. You could knock me over with a feather.
  7. Are you serious?  You  must be joking.
  8. Wow!  Words fail me.
  9. I was stopped dead in my tracks.
  10. I swear, my jaw dropped when Trump won the election!

I hope you have many NICE surprises this season.

This is me last Saturday, surprising some kindergarten kids as Santa.

How do I look?

And finally, here are some of my own children’s Christmas surprises, from long, long ago.