Exceed your expectations (期待を超える)

Another break from movies today.

I finally finished building my stone wall yesterday.  Here are the steps from start to finish:

This was my first experience in building a wall.. I didn’t expect it to turn out well, so I put it behind my house where most people will never see it.

It turned out better than I expected, or,

It exceeded my expectations.

You can use this phrase when something goes better than planned, for example:

The hotel was very cheap, but it exceeded my expectations.

This year’s sales have exceeded all expectations.

I didn’t have time to study, so my test results exceeded my expectations.

I’ve seen many festivals in Japan, but only Akita’s Kanto Festival exceeded my expectations.

Unfortunately, President Trump’s North Korean negotiations didn’t exceed my expectations.

I hope many things in your life will exceed your expectations!

Next week, back to the movies, with a scene from “Great Expectations”. (大いなる遺産)

Today’s song:  “Some Walls” Peter, Paul and Mary