JAWS (ジョーズ) (NOT ジョーンズ)


Today I’m going back to a classic summer movie, JAWS.  I remember the first time I saw this movie in 1975.  It scared me more than any other movie at the time.

I love swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, but every time I do, I still have the image of JAWS in the back of my mind.

Martin: You heard him, slow ahead! — Slow ahead! I can go slow ahead! C’mon down and chum some of this shit! — You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Quint: Shut off that engine.

Hooper: That’s a twenty footer!

Quint: Twenty five! And three tons of him!

Today’s phrase:

 You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

You’re gonna need a more powerful air conditioner for this summer heat!

We’re gonna need 4 days of nice weather for Kanto.

I’m gonna need a break . . . .so Mark’s Phrase is on summer break starting today.  See you in September.

Have a great summer, but keep it safe.


We’re gonna need a new president, the one we have now is a DUD!