Christmas Movies: The Polar Express

Our second movie in this series is “The Polar Express”.   This movie came out in 2004, and stars Tom Hanks in six different roles.

This movie is a little strange.  Some people didn’t like it at first, but it has slowly become a Christmas classic.  I use it in my children’s Christmas parties.  Here are three final scenes.  They are a little long, but I hope you take the time to watch them all.

Doubter. Doubter.

Okay. Okay. I believe. I believe.

What was that you said?

I… I believe. I believe. I… I believe that this is yours.

Well… Thank you. –

Me, me. Pick me, Santa. – What are you doing? Stop it. – Pick me, pick me. I want the first gift. –

Hush. Young man… …patience. And a smidgen of humility might also serve you well.

Yes, sir.

And you, young lady… A lady of decision. Full of confidence and spirit. Christmas spirit. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

And Billy. It is Billy? I see you’ve made some new friends.

Yes, sir. I sure have.

That’s a lucky lad. There’s no greater gift than friendship. And speaking of gifts… …let’s have this young fellow right here.

Now… …what would you like for Christmas?


You. Yes. Indeed. Yes, indeed. The first gift of Christmas! This bell is a wonderful symbol of the spirit of Christmas… …as am I. Just remember… …the true spirit of Christmas… …lies in your heart. Merry Christmas.

Better keep that in a safe place.

Hey, hey. Man alive, are you lucky.

Pull, Comet. Pull, boy! Prancer, that’s a girl. Good boy, Donder. Now, Dasher. Now, Prancer and Vixen.

It’s everything I dreamed it would be.

Could all…? Could all this be nothing but a dream?


To the top of the roof To the top of the wall Now, dash away, dash away Dash away all.



Merry Christmas!

Wake up.

(妹)Wake up. Santa’s been here. Santa’s been here. Hurry up. Hurry up! Mom, Dad, wake up. Wake up! Santa’s been here! Santa’s been here! Mom, Dad, look! He brought us all kinds of stuff! Look, a train! This is the beautiful-est, most wonderful-est Christmas ever. Wait. Look. Here’s one more. Has your name on it.

Found this on the seat of my sleigh. Better fix that hole in your pocket. Mr. C.

Oh, what a beautiful bell. Who’s it from? –

Santa. –

Santa? Really? – Oh, that’s too bad. –

What’s this? Broken. Sorry about that, sport.

Come on, kids. We don’t wanna be late.

At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell. But as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found, one Christmas, that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I’ve grown old… …the bell still rings for me. As it does for all who truly believe.

So, two simple phrases from these long scenes.

I believe that this is yours.  (これはきっとあなたの物に違いない)

I believe you’ve forgotten my name.

I believe Trump will be the end on America.

I believe this will be the best Christmas ever!

There’s no greater gift than friendship. (友情より素晴らしい贈り物はありません)

There is no greater nabe than kiritanpo nabe!

There is no greater treasure than knowledge.

There is no worse president than Trump!

There are no better friends than all of you!