My wife and I had a wonderful three days in Okinawa last Sun, Mon, Tues.  The weather was warm and sunny (20-23°).

I want to share a few photos with you.

Our first meal, delicious taco rice.

Happy Cliff

Churaumi Aquarium


Emerald Beach

Traditional Okinawan houses (Okinawa Village)

Okinawa Village

A romantic dinner at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

Okinawa dance show at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

The view from our hotel room

Shurijo Castle

Gyokusendo Cave

Our last meal at Naha Airport, A&W hamburgers and root beer.

Beautiful Orchids at Naha Airport. 

I hope you all have the chance to visit Okinawa in the winter.  Going from cold Akita to warm Okinawa in January is so nice.

Sorry Okinawa, but I still think Oga is more beautiful.