Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day, or do you think it’s just another excuse for stores to sell more chocolate?

I want to talk about the difference in Valentine’s Day in Japan and America.

  1. In America men and women exchange Valentine’s on the same day, there is no White Day.Image result for giving a valentine
  2. In America there is no “giri choco’ (duty chocolate).  The first time I was given this was a shock to me.  I looked up the word “giri” in my Japanese dictionary and was so disappointed.
  3. We have a school Valentine’s dance starting around the 6th grade.  I can still remember my first dance.  So shy, so exciting!Image result for middle school valentines dance
  4. School children in America typically give a Valentine’s card to every member of their class. (maybe THIS is America’s “giri choco”?)  These cards are put in a special handmade box at school.
  5. Usually, a couple, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc, will plan a special date for Valentine’s Day.  A nice dinner, a nice dance, a nice card etc. . . .

I have many nice memories as a young child of leaving cookies, or candies on the steps of my neighborhood friends, ringing the doorbell and then running away.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.