Cherry blossoms are like . . . (comparisons)

Did you have a chance to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms this year?  The weather was perfect yesterday and the blossoms were at their peak.  I went cycling down Taihei River, Hitotsumori Park and through Senshu Park.

Today, I want you to become a poet.  Using “like” or “as”, compare the cherry blossoms to something.  This is very common in Haiku.  Here are a few of my tries.

The blossoms looked like popcorn popping on the trees.

It was like a gentle snowfall of petals.

The blossoms were as white as snow.

The tree looked like a great big dandelion puff.


It looked as delicious as the cotton candy if the hands of the child below.


Here are a few photos from yesterday.  I look forward to hearing about your cherry blossom viewing this year.  I’ll add some of the best comparisons from my students here next week.