Beautiful Nature of Akita

The last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying spring in Akita.  The days have been sunny, not too hot, and great for the outdoors.

How many of us realize how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place as Akita?  Saturday, I went on a 60 kilometer bicycle ride to Funoshi Waterfall.  I was exhausted, but rejuvenated by the beauty of the countryside.

Can you talk about Akita’s scenery in English?  Here are a few phrases.  I hope you can come up with many more.  These are from internet sites about Akita for foreigners.

  1. Among Akita’s main attractions are its natural beauty of mountains and the sea, and hot springs.
  2. Nyuto Onsen, wonderful rustic hot spring resort.
  3. Shirakami Sanchi (白神山地) is an extensive mountain range straddling the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures in the northern Tohoku Region of Japan.
  4. The best way to enjoy Akita is simply to go outside and be among it.
  5. Just north of the city is the axe-shaped Oga peninsula, offering far-reaching views from Mount Kampu and at Nyudo-zaki Point on the peninsula’s tip – on clear days, you can see the edge of North Korea. 

Here are my pictures from last week.

Azalea Garden

Old thatched roof house

Funoshi Waterfall