Coping with the heat


Even though it rained yesterday, and is cloudy today, the heat of summer has finally hit Akita.  I went swimming to Oga last Saturday, all day.  The hour long climb back to the car just drained me of all my energy.

Hear is a list of things to be careful of during the hot Summer.

  1. Sun burn:   日焼け
  2. Heat rash:  発疹
  3. Heat cramps: 熱痙攣
  4. Heat exhaustion: 熱中症
  5. Sun stroke:  日射病

How do you cope with the heat of summer?  Here are a few interesting methods.  I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas this week.





But, this is my favorite method.  Last Friday we finally got our first air conditioner in our living room.  25 YEARS WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING!  I’m lovin’ it!



Have a cool and safe summer!