I’m back , after a month-long vacation from this site.

Did you have a nice summer vacation?  It was so hot, but I enjoyed my new air conditioner.  I had a nine-day Obon vacation, but didn’t really do anything special.  I went cycling many times, went to Oga a few times, but mainly just relaxed at home . . . the BEST kind of vacation.

Today I want to teach you a few vacation idioms.

  1. Travel on a shoestring.  It means traveling cheap.  As a college student, I traveled to India on a shoestring.
  2. Booked solid.  Full.  I wanted to go to Aomori for Nebuta, but all the hotels were booked solid.
  3. Get away from it all.  After working so hard in July, I just wanted to get away from it all, so I climbed Mt.Taihei.
  4. B&B (Bed and Breakfast), like a 民宿.  I found a really nice B&B in Okinawa.
  5. Hit the town.  Go downtown, drinking, shopping etc.  We spent the week in Honolulu, after a great day at the beach, we were ready to hit the town.
  6. Catch some rays / Soak up some sun
  7. Thumbing it / hitchhiking
  8. Put someone up
  9. Road trip
  10. Hit the road

Good luck with the last five.  I think you can figure them out.  If not, we’ll talk about it this week.

Here are a few photos from my summer vacation.  Next time, “back to work”.

At Hanamaki Hotspring

At Funoshi Waterfall

Time for a barbecue!

At the Taihei Mountain trailhead / Kokumin no mori. (60 km cycling)

At Oga . . . so beautiful!

And finally, my new toy!  I bought this new lawnmower online.  I am going to try it out for the first time today!  I am so excited.  BACK TO WORK.