Year of the Mouse . . . or Rat?

I hope you are enjoying this holiday with your family and friends.  I am.

2020 is the year of the mouse/rat.  I’ve noticed it’s described differently in different places.  Which is correct?

This is a mouse:


This is a rat:


In any case, we have many phrases about both in English.  Here are five about mice.   Next week, rats

  1. Are you a man or a mouse? 

It’s time to propose!  Are you going to be a man or a mouse?

Image result for a man or a mouse

2.    When the cats away the mice will play. 

Hey the boss is home for the holidays!  Let’s have a party!   You know what they say, “when the cats away the mice will play“.


3.    As quiet as a mouse.

The baby is finally sleeping, if we want to sleep, we’ll have to be as quiet as a mouse.


4,   Play cat and mouse with.

He has been talking to her about marriage for years.  I think he’s just playing cat and mouse with her.


5.  As poor as a church mouse.

All my New Year’s expenses and shopping, have left me as poor as a mouse.