As promised, Happy New Year, Part 2.  Rats.


I found many more idioms about rats than mice.  Here are a few.

  1.  Rat on someone.  Tell someone  about bad things you know.

I can’t believe you ratted on me like that to mom and dad—I’m never telling you anything ever again!

2.  Rat race.  A competition for power or money.

After becoming an adult today (Jan. 13th), many are stuck right in the rat race.

3.  Smell a rat.  To suspect something wrong.

When the caller asked me to go to an ATM and send money, I smelled a rat.

4.  Like rats leaving a sinking ship.  To leave something that is about to collapse.

Our employees have been quitting our company like rats leaving a sinking ship.

5.  Pack rat.  Someone who hoards or collects too many things.

He can’t throw away anything.  he’s a real packrat, you can’t even move in his house.

6.    Rugrat.  A baby or toddler who is still crawling.

There were three rugrats crawling around my feet during New Years.

7.  Look like a drowned rat.  Someone who gets caught in the rain and is soaking wet.

I forgot my umbrella yesterday, and came home looking like a drowned rat.

8.     Rathole.  An old or dirty home, or dwelling.

I went to my son’s apartment to help him clean.  It was beginning to look like a real rathole!

9.  Labrat.  Someone who agrees to let others test something on them.

Would you mind being my labrats for this new English teaching technique?

10.  Rats!!!  An expletive used in place of a curse word.

Trump is still President of the USA??  RATS!!!


Today’s BGM:  Ben, Michael Jackson: