Making a conch horn.

As many of you know, I was born in Samoa.  Even though I don’t have many memories, I feel a strong connection.

I had a Samoan conch horn in my home in America.  I often blew on it.


A few months ago, I found this conch shell in a used shop in Akita, and decided to make my own horn.


After watching a few  “how to” videos on  YouTube, I started.


Cutting through the shell was much more difficult than I imagined.

It took over an hour and I tried out many different kinds of saws.


Finally I was able to look inside.


Next I drilled out the core to make an opening.



Here is the final product.



So what do you think?  I’m satisfied.  I’m still practicing and getting better little by little.  I’ll show you this week.