Death and Taxes

As promised last week, here is part 2 of TAXTAXTAXTAXTAXTAX


Tax is used as a verb, a noun and an adjective.  Here are 10 common phrases using TAX.

  1.  Pink tax.  This is not really a tax, but it is the higher prices charged for the same amount of women’s items, compared to men’s.
  2. Sin tax.  This is the tax on harmful things, such as alcohol and cigarettes.
  3.   Tax and spend.  This is how we describe a government.  He was attacking the tax and spend policies of his opponent.Image result for tax and spend
  4.   Death and taxes.  Something that is certain.  Winter used to be as certain as death and taxes, but not this year.Image result for death and taxes
  5. Tax shelter.  This is a technique used mainly by rich people to avoid paying taxes. President Trump has many tax shelters in Panama.
  6.   Taxing (adjective).  Something or someone that is difficult or strict.  My Junior High English teacher was a very taxing woman!Image result for a taxing woman
  7. No taxation without representation.  This was the rallying cry for the American Revolutionary War.  England was taxing the colonies, but they didn’t have any representatives in parliament.Image result for no taxation without representation
  8.  File your taxes.  確定申告をする。We only have two weeks left to file our taxes.  Don’t be late!Image result for file your taxes
  9. Tax return. 確定申告書 The forms used to file your taxes.  Have you finished filling in your tax returns?Image result for tax return
  10.   Death Tax.相続税 The final tax! An estate or inheritance tax.

It’s time for me to file my taxes.  I think I’ll finally go this week.  Wish me luck!