Animals 一匹、二匹、子猫、子犬、群れ

I want to completely forget about Corona Virus for awhile, so today, I will focus on animals.  It seems basic, but there are some interesting word differences related to animals.  Today we will learn 10 of them.

In Japanese, 一匹、二匹、子猫、子犬、群れ。  English is a little more difficult.

  1.  One cat, 2 cats, a baby cat is called a kitten. and a group of cats is called a clowder.Cats crowd the harbour on Aoshima Island in the Ehime prefecture in southern Japan - Thomas Peter/Reuters Stuffed Animals, Bebe Logo, Group Of Cats, Cat City, Cute Animal Pictures, Cat Drawing, Japan, Beautiful Cats, Animal Rescue Shelters
  2.  One lion, 2 lions, a baby lion is a cub, and a group of lions is called a pride. Pride of Lions Kills 5 Poachers in Sneak Attack - A pride of lions killed five poachers who were illegally hunting within the Zimbabwe National Park. Wildlife Photography, Animal Photography, Lion Facts, Africa Destinations, Sneak Attack, Lion Pride, Trophy Hunting, Most Visited, Animal Rights
  3.  One dog, two dogs, a baby dog is a puppy and a group of dogs is a pack. There were a total of 11 dogs living on the property where the attack took place
  4.   One goose, two geese, a baby goose is a gosling and a group of geese is a gaggle.Amazon | A Gaggle of Geese (English Edition) [Kindle edition] by ...
  5. One crow, two crows, a baby crow is a chick and a group of crows is a murder.Crows are among the most intelligent birds and even mourn their dead
  6. One monkey, two monkeys, a baby monkey is an infant, and a group of monkeys is a troop.Spy Monkey Mistaken for Dead Baby and Mourned by Troop (FULL CLIP ...
  7.  One cobra, two cobras, a baby cobra is a hatchling and a group of cobras is a quiver.A quiver of Cobras | National geographic, Animals, Interesting animals
  8.   One cow, two cows, a baby cow is a calf and a group of cows is a herd.Herd of Cows and Sheep Grazing in the Meadow, by Kokhanchikov ...
  9.  One whale, two whales, a baby whale is a calf and a group of whales is a pod.We need to understand the culture of whales so we can save them
  10.  One chicken, two chickens, a baby chicken is a chick, and a group of chickens is a brood.Cooking Funda: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) : Just Delicious

Sorry my mistake!! Here is the correct picture.There are so many different terms for chickens--juvenile, cockerel ...

I want to try a few more next week.  If you have any specific questions, please ask me.

Today’s BGM,

At The Zoo, by Simon & Garfunkel

Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo

I do believe it
I do believe it’s true

It’s a light and tumble journey
From the East Side to the park
Just a fine and fancy ramble
To the zoo

But you can take the crosstown bus
If it’s raining or it’s cold
And the animals will love it if you do
If you do, now

Somethin’ tells me it’s all happening at the zoo

I do believe it
I do believe it’s true

The monkeys stand for honesty
Giraffes are insincere
And the elephants are kindly but they’re dumb
Orangutans are skeptical
Of changes in their cages
And the zookeeper is very fond of rum

Zebras are reactionaries
Antelopes are missionaries
Pigeons plot in secrecy
And hamsters turn on frequently
What a gas, you gotta come and see
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
Writer/s: PAUL SIMON