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I’m sorry for missing all of June.  I was finally busy again.  Almost all of my classes returned to “new normal”.  On top of that, I was feeling a little down about the return of Corona, President Trump’s dishonesty, and the racial problems in America.  I celebrated the 4th of July last Saturday with very mixed emotions.  I hope the coming year will be better for America and the world.

On the bright side, my beautiful niece was married today in Texas. 

I have missed most of my nephew and niece’s weddings because I live so far away, but this time I was able to attend online.  Since none of the family in America could attend either, they decided to have an online wedding.

Many things have moved to online these days.  Many teachers and students are doing online classes.  There are online drinking parties, online business meetings, the list is endless.  Have you changed to anything online?  I tried a few lessons online, but it was difficult to really connect with my students. With the upsurge of Corona in Tokyo, I’m a little worried that I may have to return to online classes again.  Let’s continue wearing masks, and try to keep Corona out of Akita!