July was full of stress for me, how about you?  I had a speech to give at the end of the month, so I spent most of the time worrying, not preparing.  Also, I was worried about the resurgence of Covid 19 throughout Japan and the world, add to that some family issues.  It made for a very stressful month.  I finally finished the speech on the 25th, and my classes are on Summer schedule now, I can finally RELAX!

Here are a few phrases about stress.

  1. I’m at the end of my rope!Idioms for Kids - At the End of My Rope - Free Printable Classroom ...

  2. I’m at my wits end.wit's end - YouTube

  3. I’m coming apart at the come apart at the seams

  4. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently.Have a lot on your plate" means "to have a lot of things to do ...

  5. I’ve been tearing my hair out.Tearing My Hair Out! – Fountain's Thoughts

Last Saturday, I was able to get out to Oga for the first time this season.  It was HARD, but really relaxing and refreshing.  Here are a few pictures.

So, here are 5 phrases about relaxing.

  1. I was tired, so I just chilled out on Sunday.Chill Out Music - DIGLE(ディグル)

  2. Why don’t you let your hair down.LET YOUR HAIR DOWN! | Toluna

  3. No Kanto Festival this year, so I’ll just take it easy.Take it easy! | アニマルネットワークのブログ

  4. I’m going to need some time to unwind after July.Relax Soak Unwing Bathroom Motivational Poster. Vector Vintage ...

  5. Put your feet up and take a break.New study: Does putting your feet up = power?

I hope you all have some time to relax, and enjoy a stress free August.  On that note, I will be taking a break (again) from my “Mark’s Phrase”  updates.   I’ll be back in September, I promise!