Last Thursday was America’s Thanksgiving Day, followed by Black Friday.  This year was very different than most years because of Covid 19.  Many Americans spent their holiday alone, including my mother.  Others visited their families by Zoom, and far too many ignored the advice of medical professionals and went home for Thanksgiving.  I am very worried about another wave of Covid 19 in the next few weeks.

I was busy Thursday, so finally yesterday (Saturday 28th), my wife and I celebrated a late and small Thanksgiving alone.

Yummy Potatoes before cooking
Pumpkin Pie before cooking
Pumpkin Pie before eating
Thanksgiving dinner for two.

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for the good things in your life.  This year has had so much negativity, that I think it’s about time for some positive thinking.

I am thankful for living in Akita, one of the least effected places in Japan.

I am grateful for the beautiful nature we have all around us.  It can really take our minds off the problems in the world.

I appreciate the delicious food we have here.

It means so much to me that I have students who return each week.

Today I took down my Thanksgiving decorations and put up my Christmas decorations. It looks like it will be a quiet Christmas and New Years celebration this year, but I am so thankful that we are all still here to celebrate!