Antigen or PCR

Akita City has provided Antigen (抗原検査) test kits for all the school teachers in the city.  I didn’t think I would get one, but Friday afternoon I got an email informing me that I should pick up the test at the City Hall.  I did and  I took the test yesterday.

Here are the simple steps:

Wash out your mouth, take three deep breaths, and spit into the paper cup

Dip the swab into the saliva.



Put the swab into testing bottle, wait for 10 minutes.

Put three drops from the bottle into the test kit.


Wait three minutes for test results.

Cheer when your results are negative!

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Now, I have had both PCR and Antigen tests.  Do you know the differences?  I didn’t, but I looked into it.

PCR tests are more expensive and time consuming, but the results are more accurate.  However, false positives are a small problem.

Antigen tests are cheaper, faster, and DIY, but false negatives are a small problem.

To me the biggest problem for both tests, is they only tell me the results today!  What happens if I get Covid 19 tomorrow?

Oh well, I’m still waiting on the vaccine.