Today is August 12th, the day before Obon.  It has been so cool last night, and this morning.  A nice cool breeze is blowing through my house.  I haven’t even had to use my air conditioner today!

So why “irony”?  After one of the hottest months on record in Akita and Japan, my bedroom air conditioner is finally being installed right now as I type this.    My old air conditioner which we’ve been using for about 30 years, stopped suddenly on July 9th, over a month ago.   We spent a hot month, but the electricians were so busy that even thought we ordered  a new air conditioner the next day, they were booked until today.

30 year-old Mitsubishi air conditioner
New air conditioner

Oh well, THAT IS LIFE!

I’m sure we’ll have a few more hot days this summer, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy our new air conditioner for years to come. (30 years?)

Hope you’re enjoying a safe and relaxing summer.  Akita has the lowest Corona infection rates in Japan, so congratulations!


Summer Special.

Yesterday I spent an amazing morning swimming near Sakurajima  in Oga.  Simply beautiful, and NO people!

Click here for Youtube video.