What do you think about masks?  Do you hate them as much as I do?   For the next few posts, I want to talk about the good and evil of masks.Mask Mythbusters: Common Questions about Kids & Face Masks -

I had an interesting conversation about masks the other day, and it got me thinking about what changes they are causing to society.

1.  I haven’t seen some of my students faces for so long, or in some cases, ever!

2.  We had a barbecue in August, when my  students took off their masks to eat, I almost cried.  It had been so long.  For some of them, it was my first time to see their face.  It was so different from my image.

3.  One of my new students was on TV last week, I couldn’t recognize her without her mask.

4.  Are we all going to look different to each other after two years of not seeing faces?

5.  New babies have a hard time recognizing emotions without seeing the mouths of people.  I worry what this is doing to their development.

6.  I have a hard time hearing what my students are saying if I can’t see their mouths.  I thought I was losing my hearing, so I went to an ear doctor last Friday.  He told me my ears were just fine!

I really hate masks, but I know they’re necessary to get past this disease.  I hope we can conquer it soon and get back to normal . . . or “new normal”.

Next time . . . .

Mask idioms . . . and Halloween?

Today’s song.
The First Time Ever I saw your face
Roberta Flack
The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the endless skies, my love
To the dark and the endless skies

And the first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move in my hand
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love
That was there at my command, my love

And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last ’til the end of time my love
And it would last ’til the end of time

The first time ever I saw your face
Your face, your face, your face


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