Commencement はじまり

Yesterday I gave a speech at Kanariya Hoikuen’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.    Here is a list of the English phrases I taught the kids and told them they would use in school:

I like  (you have to let other people know about yourself.)

I want (don’t be afraid to want something and work for it.)

I can (the longer you learn the more things you will be able to do.)

I see  (なるほど is a phrase you can use more and more as you learn.)

I will (be firm in your resolve.)

TRY (Don’t say “I can’t”, give it another try, and another, and another.)

I did it!! (Nothing beats the satisfaction of finally being able to do something by yourself.)

Help (Nobody makes it through life on their own. We all need help at times and we all give help at times.)

And finally, I taught them:


卒業式, in English, we call it commencement, which means はじまり.

Many children in Japan will be starting a new chapter in their life from April.  I wish them the best of luck!