The rainy season has come to Tohoku.

Finally!  My lawn has been so thirsty.  Maybe I can relax for awhile and quit watering it myself.  This may be the first year when I’m looking forward to the rainy season.

Today we’ll look at some common phrases about rain.

It’s raining cats and dogs. (どしゃ降り)

It looks like rain.(雨が降りそう)

It’s just a drizzle.(ただの小雨だ。)

I got caught in a downpour.(どしゃ降りにあたった)

The sun is trying to come out.(お日様が出てきそう)

And finally, one poem I won’t use this year, it’s similar to


Rain rain go away,

come again another day

Little Johnny wants to play,

rain rain go away.

Don’t let the rain get you down.  Call out your inner child.

Singin’ in the rain. (click for Gene Kelly youtube video)