Attack of the mushrooms!

Just as I finally started to get my puzzlegrass invasion under control, another army has started their invasion.  At first it was just one or two spies.  Then 10, 20, now I’m taking out about 100 every morning!

It’s the attack of the mushrooms!

IMG_2517 (1024x768)

Today we’re going to learn some English phrases about mushrooms.  First and most important, is edible.  Can we eat them.  Mushrooms can be either very delicious or very deadly.  I have no idea which kind mine are, so I won’t take a chance.

Edible mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms

Second, I had no idea how fast mushrooms grow.  I clean them all out in the morning, and by evening the new ones have grown 10 cm.  It’s crazy.  The fast growth of mushrooms has given rise to many English phrases and idioms.

The micro brewery (地ビール) business has really mushroomed this year.

You’re small credit card bill has mushroomed into a huge debt.

Nintendo’s stock mushroomed overnight!

Next time you enjoy some delicious shiitake mushrooms, just remember, they’re coming for you! HA! HA! HA!