Respect for the Aged Day 敬老の日

Today is a uniquely Japanese holiday.  We don’t have anything similar in America.  Japan now has the oldest population in the world.  The percentage of people over 80 is the highest in history.  Every day brings me closer to that point too.

Here are a few English phrases about age.

First and most important:

You are never too old to learn. (七十の手習い)


I’m not over the hill yet! (over the hill:  too old to do something)


Hold on, I’m having a senior moment. (senior moment: a moment of forgetfulness or confusion)

My mother is as old as the hills. (she has been around a long time.)


And finally,

But she is still young at heart. ( she feels young inside)


Hope you are all enjoying your 3 day weekend, and your old friends.  See you soon.