I’m Feeling Under the Weather. 病気です。

I had big plans for last weekend.  I was going to do a little cycling, finish some work in my yard, and climb beautiful Mt. Taihei.  Then, Friday afternoon, I started to feel a cold coming on.  It steadily got worse, and I spent most of the weekend resting and hoping to get over my cold before my classes started on Monday.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite over it yet.  How are you doing?

In English, there are many ways to say “I’m sick”.  One common idiom is:

I’m feeling under the weather.

Also, we can say:

I’m not feeling well.

I’m sick as a dog.

My head is stuffy.

My nose if running.

I have a sore throat.

I hope you will not have to use any of these phrases for a long time.

Stay healthy, and ON TOP OF THE WEATHER.