Happy Halloween!

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger, year by year in Japan.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  This year, I’m going to show you the steps of carving a Jack O’lantern.

Step 1

Buy a Pumpkin.  Usually I go to Morioka for some good pumpkins.  This year, I was surprised to find really good and inexpensive pumpkins being sold at HOMAC.  YEA!!!


Step 2

Cut off the top  Make sure to cut an an angle so the lid doesn’t fall inside.  I like the look of this zig-zag pattern.


Step 3

Using a long spoon and a knife, remove all the seeds, and inside stuff.  Scrape the inner side until it is smooth.




Step 4

Carve the face.  This is very important.  Use your creativity.  Anything is okay, from very simple, to works of art.  Recently, I started to carve teeth into my Jack O’lanterns.  What do you think?

img_2626-1024x768 img_2627-768x1024

Step 5

Put a candle in it, and light  it.


We put the completed Jack O’lantern in front of our house to protect us from all the evil spirits playing tricks on humans on Halloween.

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween