The Symbols of Christmas (FINAL)

On the final Monday before  Christmas, I will add a few more common Christmas symbols that are used but not fully understood.

First, the star.  Almost every Christmas tree in Japan is topped with a star.  Did you know this star represents the star that the 3 wise men followed to find the baby Jesus?


The wise men also gave the first presents, our second symbol today.  At Christmas time, it is common to exchange gifts.  Many people think this is to remember the gifts that the wise men brought to the baby Jesus.  The first gifts were:

These were all very valuable gifts at that time.

Last Saturday, I visited Blume Messe in Katagami to see the beautiful poinsettia tree.


While we were there, we found some Christmas Holly, that I really wanted for my garden, so I bought one plant and hope it will last until spring when I can replant it outside.

This is the final symbol of Christmas.  It is such a beautiful plant that I was surprised when I researched the meaning.  It represents the thorns in the crown of thorns on Jesus Christ head when he was crucified, and the red berries represent the drops of blood.  Some people say the word comes from “HOLY”

But for me, it is just a beautiful Christmas plant.

My first holly


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and spend some time together with your family.