Goodbye FORUS

I first came to Akita in 1985.  I know, I’m so old!  At that time, one of my favorite stores was パレドゥー.  Do you remember?  For a short time between ジャスコ秋田店 and FORUS, there was パレドゥー.

I have many good memories there.  They had a SONY Plaza store where I could buy many American snacks and books before the internet or AMAZON.COM.  I enjoyed many movies at Cinema Palais.   I also remember saving up and trading in blue chip stamps at the store there.


Last Sunday my wife and I went for a final visit to our old dating grounds.  I walked through the store from top to bottom and said good-bye to a part of Akita’s history.

I hope the store renewal open in October will be successful.

Good luck OPA!!!



I hope the young people in Akita will be able to make many good memories there!