We had a wonderful trip.


My family spent a week in America to visit my Mother and relatives.  We just got back late  Saturday night, and I’m still suffering from jet lag(時差ボケ) I wake up at 3:00 a.m. and am unable to get back to sleep.

So, here I am writing my new post in the middle of the night.  I hope I get over this quickly!

We really had a good time in America, but it was a very short trip, with a long travel time.

It was great to see my family and friends again, but it reminded me how far away I live.  I guess my home is in Akita now.  It felt great to “come home” again.

Here are three proverbs about family:

Baldness runs in my family. (うちは禿る家系だ)


I’m the black sheep of the family. (私は家族の外れもの)


Blood is thicker than water. (血は水よりも濃い)


Here are a few pictures from my trip.


My neice Charsty and her 4 beautiful daughters
We had a pie party on Sunday night. Everyone brought a different pie. They were delicious!
mmmmm! Steak and lobster. Delicious!
My mother.
Utah’s Capitol Building
My daughter practicing holding her relative. (cousins’s daughter)
My Mother had a birthday party for all her children at once. 10 birds with one stone!


We found this beautiful memorial to the Tohoku Earthquake victims in Portland Oregon International Airport.


The ex-governor of Portland.