TV English

Does TV control your life?  How much TV do you watch everyday?  I’ve noticed that my  kids, and youth in general watch far less TV than their parents.  Do you think this is a good thing for society?   We have far fewer shared experiences than we used to now.

Last weekend, I bought a Fire TV stick from Amazon.  It’s great!  Now I can watch Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Ameba on my TV instead of the computer. I can enjoy all of this while sitting on my sofa. Isn’t modern technology great?  I’m afraid I’ll start to put down roots.

Today, let’s learn a few words about watching TV:

channel hopping.  When you sit down and keep changing  channels until you finally find something to watch.


binge watching.  When you sit down and watch all the episodes of a tv series.


couch potato.  Someone who sits and watches tv for TOO LONG (all day)


flat Screen TV.  The new tv’s the name says it all.


prime time.  (ゴールデン・タイム)The time when most people are watching tv.  The commercials are usually most expensive during this time. (19:00-to-22:00 ).

family friendly.  TV shows that are okay for the entire family.


Reality TV:  A program that puts regular people in strange circumstances and starts filming.


57 Channels (And Nothin’ On) :  My BGM song today. This is a great song my Bruce Springsteen, and it’s so true.  Much of the time, there is nothing worth watching on TV.         Click here  for the lyrics. and here for the video.

Happy watching!