Lemonade Stand

In America, the long (3 month) summer vacation has begun for students.  My students in Japan often say they want an American summer vacation.  I always tell them that although we didn’t have any homework, many children fill the summer with part-time jobs.  I started doing various jobs around 8 years-old.

Here is a partial list of jobs I was paid for as a child:

  1. Cherry picker
  2. lawn mower
  3. weeder
  4. baby sitter
  5. worm seller
  6. corn planter
  7. and of course, lemonade stand


Making and selling lemonade in the summer is a common way for children to make a little extra spending money.  I have many good memories of selling lemonade.

Did you ever have a job as a child?  Please tell me about it.

Next week, more about lemons and lemonade . . .