10 things to do.

How are you all doing?  Are you staying at home?  I am, and I only go out for grocery shopping or long walks. So how do you spend your time at home?  Here are 10 ideas of things to do while you STAY AT HOME.

  1.   Try a new (original) recipe.  Something you’ve always wanted to try, or, using ingredients you have at home, make something new!
  2.   Have an online drinking party.  This is a new fad in Japan.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to soon.
  3.   Do you like puzzles?  This is a perfect time to put together a 1000 or more piece puzzle, then share your completed puzzle online.
  4. Visit a famous museum . . . online.  There are many virtual tours available for museums around the world.  Google Arts & Culture can help you get started.
  5.   Everyone has a few books that they’ve “always meant to read”.  This is the perfect time.  It’s now or never.  I’ve finally started reading Hemingway for the first time in my life.  Right now, I’m on my second book, “The Sun Also Rises”.(日はまた昇る)  I just finished “The Old Man and the Sea”.(老人と海)
  6. Write some actual letters.  I used to write many letters every week, but that all stopped with email.  I think a letter is much more thoughtful than email.  This is your chance to renew a fading habit.Letter Writing Day (1st September) | Days Of The Year
  7.   Pull out and play some of your old favorite games.  I love Monopoly, Risk, and Rummikub.  I think there is a lot more conversation with analog games than video games.
  8.   Go through your closet.   Now you have time to hold each piece of clothing and ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”  (KonMari) Then throw it out or donate it.  2nd street takes old clothes and donates them to needy countries.
  9.  Organize your pictures.  I don’t know about you, but I have boxes of old pictures upstairs that I have to put in albums.  Also, since I got a smart phone, I have too many pictures of nothing, that I don’t need.  It’s a good time to organize and delete all the photos you don’t need.
  10.   STUDY ENGLISH.  There are many online resources and APPS that can help you study at home.  How about 15 minutes or a half hour a day?

If you have some good ideas, please send them to me through my homepage.  I will put up some more next week.