The Good Points of Akita

I was asked to give a speech to the 秋田英語ボランティアガイド「よくきたんすなの」 on Saturday.  The title is, “The Good points of Akita from the eyes of a foreigner”.  I’ve been looking through my old photos, searching my memory, and asking my students what they think the good points of Akita are.

Actually, this week, I think the best point of Akita is that we have no new Covid 19 cases.  These days I feel like I may never want to leave Akita again.

I’ve been living in Akita for 35 years now, much longer than I lived in America, so it’s hard for me to look at Akita with fresh eyes to see the good points.  Sometimes I guess I focus too much on the bad points, like anyone does in their hometown.  I’m glad I have this chance to think again about the positive aspects of Akita.

Here are some pictures I’ve found from my history in Akita.

The first photo I took in Akita is a little shocking.  I was living in a small apartment in Izumi, and there was a house fire on the day I arrived.  This is my first photo:

But it got better after that.  Old Akita Station


My first Azaleas in Senshu Park

And of course, the best thing about Akita for me.

Akita has changed so much, but I haven’t changed a bit!

When my family visited for the first time, I wanted to show them the best parts of Akita, and here are a few of the places we visited.  Senshu Park

Suishinen Wisteria blossoms

Amasagi Yuen

 Kanto Museum

But as usual, the best part of Akita is the people.  I had a barbecue party at my house and my family had a great time meeting my friends.

Do you remember Swiss Mura?

My first family camp in the wilds.

Swimming at the beach with my first child.

and at Oga for my first time.

Akita was so nice, we decided to build a house and stay.

And finally, a few random memories:

Kawarage Jigoku camping

Hawaii?  . . . no, Noshiro, Enajium Park

Natsuze Onsen, Dakigaeri Keikoku

Migaeri Waterfall

Akata no Daibutsu

Senshu Park Wisteria

A sad goodbye to my daughter

Now she lives in Kyoto.

Climbing Mt. Chokai with some students.

Climbing Mt Taihei alone.

The kindness of strangers, the goodness of Akita People . . . it’s a long story, ask me someday.

Kawarage Jigoku in Autumn

Minato Festival

And finally, a beautiful sunset taken from my car window on my drive back from Honjo.  I drove their once or twice a week for 30 years, and finally stopped last March.

There are so many more memories, that I could go on forever, but I hope this gives you a little positive outlook during these dark days of Corona.  There are so many places we can “GO TO” in Akita, no need to leave.