I fell off my ladder!

Ladder falls more than broken bones | The Senior | 2259

So, yesterday morning (4/11), I was on my ladder re-attaching the “snow-stoppers” that came off my roof over the winter.屋根材別雪止め部|石川県金沢市の株式会社やね屋(公式ホームページ)です。

Suddenly, my ladder slipped, and I fell from the top.  Luckily, I landed on my grass and not the cement wall!  I’m okay . . . I think.  I have a little pain in my arm where I caught myself, and a scrape on my leg.  That’s all.  I will be more careful in the future!

However, it gives me a chance to talk about “falling off”.

1.   To fall from a  surface or position,  to drop off something.

Please be careful not to fall off the roof!

finally found my phone—it must have fallen off the bed.

button fell off my shirt. 

The twigs fell off of him as he stood up.
2. To decline or lessen, to diminish. 
Business falls off during the summer months.
My interest in school fell off when I became twenty.
Because this project is taking so long to complete, people’s 
excitement about it has really fallen off. 
Stock prices fell off markedly, after the Amazon scandal. 
The number of staff meetings fell off after a few months, as our new enthusiasm dropped. 
I started a new diet and the pounds just fell off.
3.  To start drinking again.
After three years of sobriety, Covid 19 made him fall off the wagon.Why Falling Off the Wagon is a Good Thing | Wellness Mission
On a happy note, after falling off the ladder yesterday morning, I spent a wonderful day driving around Akita chasing cherry blossoms.  Enjoy!
Behind Herb World, Nishime
At Honjo Park

In Yokote, experiencing a Kamakura
 As we drove around Akita Prefecture for hours, I listened to a lot of my old CDs.  This song really took me back to my high school days!
Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.