Where is my stuff?

As I get older, it becomes more difficult to remember some things.  People’s names, dates, etc.  Also, where did I put it??

Today, let’s talk about places.  Here are the basics that I teach to elementary school kids: IN, ON, UNDER,BY.

In the box.

On the table,

Under the sofa.

By the TV.

But, even some of these are a bit strange.

The picture is on the piano.

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The picture is on the wall.

Let’s go to the next level.  How specific can you tell me where something is in your house?

  1.  My corn holders are at the back of the 2nd drawer from the top, next to my oven.
  2. My Bufferin is in the plastic case on the left side of the 2nd shelf from the top, in the cabinet next to my bathroom sink.
  3. My wine glasses are on the right at the back of the cupboard over my kitchen sink.
  4. My summer shirts are in my walk in closet hanging on the right side of the rack.
  5. My white out is in the 2nd drawer of the filing box under my computer.
  6. My cabbage is in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator.
  7. My eggs are in the egg holder in the door of my refrigerator.
  8. My dress shoes are behind the middle door of the shoes box in my entrance way.
  9. My grandchild’s toys are in the snoopy chest in front of the bookcase in the Japanese room.
  10. My heart is in your hands.

So, can you tell me where your stuff is?  Give it a try!