The Olympics are finally here.

Are you enjoying the “2020” Tokyo Olympics?

Many people have mixed emotions about holding the Olympics during an ongoing pandemic.  Me too!   However, I am trying to enjoy them without thinking too much about the downside.

Some didn’t like the opening ceremony, I thought it was great.  I love pageantry.  After overcoming so many scandals days before, the final product was very satisfying for me.  I thought it struck a balance between seriousness and fun.

Some of my highlights:

The “in memoriam” modern dance.Image

The Olympic pictogram live performance.



The drone show.

Watch: Impressive Drone Show at the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony | HYPEBEAST

The lighting of the torch by Naomi Osaka.

Why Naomi Osaka's Opening Ceremony Torch Lighting Was Such a Rare Honor | Vanity Fair

What were your favorite moments?

Good luck to all the athletes who have waited so long for their chance.  I hope these games can bring a brief break from all the bad news we’ve had.

Here are the current medal standings.  Japan is in 2nd place! (July 26th).

On another note, thanks to the Olympics, I had a five day vacation.  I went cycling, worked in my garden, and had a wonderful overnight vacation to Yuzawa.  We went to the borders of Akita, but still didn’t step out.







AHHH!  Beautiful Akita!