A hedge or a fence?

I’m still on the fence about what to replace our old fence with.

In the meantime, as promised, here are a few idioms about hedges.

  1.   Hedge your bets.  Do something to prevent or prepare for future damage or loss.  With the banks failing in the US, it’s a good idea to hedge your bets by putting half your money in gold.Hedge Your Bets Meaning – What Is Hedging Your Bets? – Old Blog Posts |  Poker chips, Poker, Gambling
  2. Hedge in.  To make a border or barrier around something.  When I came out of AEON, I discovered my car had been hedged in on all sides by other cars!  I was stuck.Traffic Jam
  3. Hedge fund.  A high risk high return investment. In 2011, his hedge fund had a return of 50 percent.Hedge Fund Strategies
  4. Dragged through a hedge backwards.  Look messy or disheveled.  What happened to you??? You look like you  got dragged through a hedge backwards.Hilarious before and after photo goes viral showing first day at school
  5. A hedge between keeps friendships green.  Privacy is important for good friends also. I didn’t ask too much about his children.  You know what they say;  A hedge between keeps friendships green. A hedge between keeps friendships green. | Healthy quotes, Friendship, How  i feel

おまけ:  Hedgehog ハリネズミ I have a family of hedgehogs living in my hedges!Free Animals Hedgehog photo and picture

Little hedgehog song:


How was your Golden Week?  I spent  three days in Tokyo, visiting my grandkids.  It was wonderful.  Then I was very busy for the rest of the week, but I did find time to finish some projects, and enjoy spring a little.

My new sign. New classes start Monday.
I finally finished repairing and staining my terrace. I’m satisfied with the results.
Visited Inokashira Park Zoo with my grandkids. Surprised to see a カモシカ in the zoo!
Had dinner at Sizzler restaurant in Mitaka City. It was delicious!
Enjoyed beautiful azaleas at Senshu park.