out of town . . .

I called my mother today to talk about going to America next month.  She didn’t answer.   She is out of town.  Then I remembered today is a holiday in America.

The third Monday of February is President’s Day.  It started as “Washington’s Birthday” (George Washington was born on February 22nd 1732), and has now changed to “President’s Day”.  Abraham Lincoln was also born in February (12th, 1809), so the birthdays were combined to make a new holiday.

There is no big celebration, but everyone takes advantage of the three day weekend to go out of town.

For some reason I’m feeling a little depressed about President’s Day this year . . . . I wonder why?


I’ll be going out of town for the rest of Trump’s presidency.

My wife is out of town for the weekend, let’s PARTY!!!

I’m sorry I’ll miss class next week, I’ll be out of town.