I’m back!  I hope you had a wonderful summer.  I’m enjoying the cool nights we’ve had the last few days.  My favorite season is finally starting.

I finished my snow fence for my azalea bushes.  It came out okay I think.  I’ll have to wait for snow to see if it really works like I want it too.

So. I’ve been thinking about fences this week.  Do you have a fence around your house?  This is my fence.

There are many interesting English phrases about fences:

I’m still on the fence about President Trump. (I haven’t decided about him).まだ判断しかねている。

It’s never too late to mend your fences. (you can always apologize or fix bad relationships)いつでも謝罪出来る。

Good fences make good neighbors. (privacy is important for neighbors)適度な距離感は良い関係を作る。

I feel fenced in. (I can’t escape from this situation in my life)四面楚歌

I feel fenced out. (I feel excluded from the group)仲間外れにされている。

Sit on the fence. (Don’t take a position one way or another, like Switzerland).中立

Straddle the fence. (agree with both sides of an issue).どっちつかず。