Here we are on the 10th day of the Olympics, and Japan and America both have exactly 10 medals.  Congratulations to both countries.  This will surely be an exciting week.

I’ve been enjoying the Olympics so much this year, the ups, the downs, the drama, the personal stories of success and failure.

Today, I want to share some idioms and uses about “ICE”(氷).


  1. Diamonds. The lady has a ton of ice in her room!
  2. Excellent; very cool. Her answer was ice, and she really put down that guy.
  3. To kill someone. Mr. Big ordered Sam to ice you-know-who.
  4. Money given as a bribe, especially to the police.  A lot of those cops take ice.
  5. He could sell ice to Eskimos. (He is charming, a good salesman).
  6. She is  skating on thin ice. (In a dangerous situation, risky behaviour).
  7. Let’s put that on ice. (leave it for now, we’ll discuss it later).
  8. Is Vicky mad at me?  She was as cold as ice at the party. (unfriendly, distant)
  9. Sorry, your reasons just don’t cut ice with me. (they have no impact, I don’t agree)
  10. There is no stopping him now, he is as independent as a hog on ice.  (he is impossible to control).


Good luck in this final week.  I’m looking forward to the closing ceremony!