The Year of the Tiger

I hope you have all been doing well!

Today we will learn some idioms about tigers.Sunda Tiger | Species | WWF

  1. Paper tiger.  Something or someone who is all bark and no bite. Many people are quite scared of North Korea, but I think it’s really only a paper tiger. Chinese innovation – paper tiger or king of the hill? – Global Public Square - Blogs

  2. Catch a tiger by the tail.  To be involved with something or someone that is too powerful or threatening.  I started trading BIT coin, but now I feel like I’ve caught a tiger by the tail and I can’t let go!TSH Newsroom: Catch a tiger by the tail..

  3. Tiger team. A group of the best employees gathered to do something.  You are our tiger team for the corona vaccine!So Just What is a Tiger Team?" - Tiger Team Marketing

  4. Tiger juice / milk.  Hard liquor, whisky or brandy etc.   Let’s bring a couple of bottles of tiger juice for the campfire tonight!Tiger Juice recipe ingredients - How to make a Tiger Juice cocktail drink

  5. The lady or the tiger. An unknowable outcome to a problem.  The Lady and the Tiger Review | Board Game Quest