Shop til you drop.

In many of my classes, we have been studying shopping.  Unfortunately, the inflation in Japan (and around the world) has  taken some of the fun out of shopping.

I did have a nice day shopping yesterday, and unexpectedly found many good deals at Dodger’s Supermarket.  So with a little newfound positivity, let’s learn some uncommon shopping phrases.

  1. Shopping Therapy. (or Retail Therapy)  Buying something to make you feel better I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday, I think it’s time for some shopping therapy.
  2. Shop around.  Going to different stores to compare prices or services.  (also used for dating).  Don’t settle on the first man you see, you’d better shop around!  (see video below)*
  3. Shoplift. 万引き One of the signs of the bad economy is a startling increase in shoplifting.A shoplifting incident
  4. Fit like a glove. to fit perfectly.  That suit fits you like a glove. You should definitely buy it.To fit like a glove – Inglés Málaga
  5. Shop til you drop.  To keep shopping until you’re too tired to continue. (it’s an exaggeration).  I used to shop til I dropped all night!  These days, one or two stores is my limit.Cartoon of the Day: Shop ‘Til You Drop - Inflation cartoon 04.02.2014

Next time, 5 more phrases.

In the mean time, I really enjoyed winter camping and snowshoeing last week.

Thursday morning -5. Good morning!



The path to our tents.

On the Babame road, a season’s worth of snow.
A beautiful winter river.
Our path through unbroken snow, behind us,
In front of us.