Shopping Part 2

To continue from my last post, here are 5 more uncommon shopping phrases.

  1.   Separate checks / split checks.  Divide the bill for each person of a group.  Could we have separate checks please, all I had was a cup of tea. Separate Restaurant Checks Would Spur Harmony and Diverse Friendships

  2. It’s a rip off.  Something that costs more than it’s worth. $10 for a glass of OJ!  What a rip off, they’re taking advantage of us!What is a rip-off? Definition and examples - Market Business News

  3. Shopping spree. To spend a lot of money for many things.   As soon as my Christmas bonus comes, I’m going on a camp gear shopping spree.Go on a Shopping Spree and We'll Guess How Old You Are | HowStuffWorks

  4. Yard sale / garage sale.  Selling your old things in front of your house, or in your garage. We’ll have to leave early if we want to find anything worth buying at his garage sale.

  5. One stop shop.  A store where you can get almost anythingCostco is almost a one stop shop, I really wish we had one closer than Sendai!S

Have you had any fun shopping trips recently?

I bought a tent last week, I can’t wait to try it out when I go hunting mountain vegetables this spring.

新品Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite Backpacking 2 Person Tent for Ultralight 3-Season Camping and Expeditions

Next time, “Fences or Hedges”

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